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Microsoft® File Transfer Manager Privacy Statement

Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy. File Transfer Manager (FTM) does not at any time collect from you any "Personally Identifiable Information" (information that personally identifies you, such as your name, address, and phone number). This statement addresses collection, use and security of and access to information that may be obtained through use of the FTM. This statement covers the following topics:

  • Collection and Use of Your Information
  • Security of Your Information
  • Version Validation and Security Upgrades
  • Language Updates

Collection And Use of Your Personal Information

Each transfer initiated for the FTM is typically tied directly to a user (you, the person transferring a file) within a Microsoft Program, because each user must be authorized to take delivery of the file(s). Each transfer initiated by the FTM is associated with a user through the generation of a unique Transfer Session ID that is associated with, but does not contain a user ID. Each request to resume a file transfer made to Microsoft servers by the FTM client includes the unique Transfer Session ID and is recorded in a back-end database. This information is required for the normal operation, maintenance and improvement of the service. The data collected during these requests includes data about the file being transferred and the IP host address associated with the HTTP request. This information is needed to support the essential features of suspend/resume and provides authorization for file delivery. The IP host address is used for internal security purposes and is not shared with any entity outside of Microsoft.

Security of Your Personal Information

Data is not shared with any entity outside of Microsoft and access is limited to program administrators, operations and security personnel.

Version Validation and Security Upgrades

Version validation is an anonymous call to Microsoft servers made by the FTM software on your machine to confirm that it is a valid version of the FTM software. No personally identifiable information is transmitted or collected during this process. This check is necessary to ensure the software is being used only for its intended purpose. Under certain circumstances a mandatory upgrade of the software may be required to allow it to continue to operate properly. In this case, the software that you have on your machine will not permit you to perform any function except to notify you of the mandatory upgrade. Should conditions occur where the software is unable to successfully perform the validation check (for example, if the validation server is not available), you will have the option to override the validation check and run the FTM software.

Language Updates

Language updates for the FTM software are made available through an anonymous file download. No personally identifiable information is transmitted or collected during this download. Language updates can be automatically applied when available, if you choose this option; otherwise you are prompted with a download dialog when new language updates have been detected. Language updates are typically made when new language resource files have been published or updates to the existing language files have been made.

Last Updated: Monday, November 18, 2002
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